DaveProxy - Your Free Web Proxy / US Based Proxy Server

If you require a US based proxy server that lets you anonymously surf the web to the sites you want DaveProxy.us is the place as we're one of the most stable of US proxies on the net. If you're blocked from top sites like facebook, spotify, hulu, twitter, youtube, bebo, myspace, ebay, torrents, VOD, MTV and other sites, then you can use our US based free proxy server to access them.

DaveProxy.us provides an anonymous free public proxy service. Our server is based in the US so you can access US only content and bypass any geoip restrictions.

Before using DaveProxy please refer to our disclaimer.

Enjoy a pop-up free, fast, stable US proxy. We also support javascript functionality on most sites.
- Added a new tool for checking your ip address.

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